Python Script to determine if a number is prime

hello guys in I share this short script that you can use to determine if a number is Prime or if it is not you can copy and paste it into your terminal and use it

Hi g# Program to check if a number is prime or not

num = 29

# To take input from the user
#num = int(input("Enter a number: "))

# define a flag variable
flag = False

# prime numbers are greater than 1
if num > 1:
    # check for factors
    for i in range(2, num):
        if (num % i) == 0:
            # if factor is found, set flag to True
            flag = True
            # break out of loop

# check if flag is True
if flag:
    print(num, "is not a prime number")
    print(num, "is a prime number")